The Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) initiative, part of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), launched in September 2021, is a key step in digitising healthcare in India. It provides digital health IDs, known as ABHA numbers, to citizens, ensuring centralised access to their medical records nationwide, simplifying healthcare access irrespective of location.

Understanding The ABHA Health Card

The ABHA card, a digital health account with a unique 14-digit ID, provides accessible health records for users supported by the Indian government. Targeting Indian nationals with documents like Aadhar cards and PAN cards contributes to healthcare digitisation.

Utilising An ABHA Card

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission integrates India’s digital infrastructure for easy access to medical records. ABHA numbers facilitate medical care from any location, and the voluntary application process, done in person or online, provides a unique 14-digit health ID. Consent to share medical information enhances transparency, streamlines claims, and ensures easy access to health records for beneficiaries.

Benefits Of The ABHA Health Card

Digital Medical Records: ABHA cardholders enjoy the convenience of creating a digitally personalised setup for their health records, eliminating the need for hard copies. The ABHA application facilitates easy access to medical files and records.

Doctor Network: The ABHA card provides access to a network of healthcare professionals, allowing users to connect with verified doctors, compare costs, and choose services based on their preferences.

Online Consultation And Telemedicine: ABHA cardholders can benefit from online consultations with healthcare professionals, enabling virtual interactions and reducing the need for physical visits.

Health Insurance Benefits: The ABHA card seamlessly integrates with health insurance plans, providing users with up to 5 lakh health care benefits. Additionally, the card is compatible with certain government programs, offering concessions. Make sure you do the process of Bajaj Allianz health insurance renewal on time.

Easy Access to Medical Care: The ABHA card issues a unique healthcare ID, simplifying access to medical care. Even in remote areas, individuals can easily share their medical history with healthcare providers, facilitating the medical care process.

How To Apply For An ABHA Card

The application process for an ABHA card involves a few simple steps:

  • Download the ABHA mobile application or visit the NDHM official website.
  • Click on the “Create ABHA number” link to proceed to the “Create ABHA number” tab on the official website.
  • Generate an ABHA number using your driver’s license and Aadhar card, providing consent.
  • Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number to verify and complete the mobile number verification process.
  • Fill in all required information, including name, address, and email address, and click “submit.”
  • Upon successful registration, download the ABHA digital health ID card from the portal.

Significance Of An ABHA Card

The ABHA card is essential in medical emergencies, providing a centralised platform for easy access and sharing medical records. It streamlines healthcare procedures, offering benefits like online consultations and integration with health insurance plans. This initiative aligns with Digital India’s goals, ensuring convenient access to medical records for all citizens and promoting a patient-centric approach in healthcare. Ensure that you are aware of how to claim health insurance. *

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